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When Martin Luther King was murdered by a white supremacist on April 4, 1968, the world shook. Riots raged across 110 cities. King’s murder was rightly declared “a national disaster.” Stokely Carmichael, the civil rights leader who first used the slogan “black power,” went as far as to say, “When white America killed Dr. King, she declared war on us.”

King’s distant friend and spiritual mentor Howard Thurman, a fellow Christian leader of the civil rights movement, knew he needed to speak words of comfort and hope but felt that the words to bring peace to a broken America were…

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It’s a multibillion-dollar industry. It fuels the internet. It dominates political campaigns, podcasts and AM radio, and the evening news. It sits on therapists couches and speaks on social media feeds. No respecter of persons, it steals sleep from feeble beggars and mighty kings, from the CEOs in their midtown penthouses to the unemployed mother-of-three in her two bedroom apartment. It is the great equalizer, and has stood the test of time.

What is this pervasive, inescapable, suffocating phenomenon?


Human beings have always been scaredy-cats. That observation is not surprising. It has helped us evolve and thrive throughout the…

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Even at his peak, Kobe Bryant made greatness look grueling.

He had every gift, every natural blessing, every competitive trait that an athlete could ever dream of — but he made having them look hard. He could do whatever he wanted on the basketball court — but being in charge of that kind of skill, of that kind of transcendent greatness, was exhausting, and the strain showed.

It was if Kobe had to keep the Mississippi flowing himself, armed with nothing but his own sheer force of will. He accepted nothing but perfection, from his teammates, his coaches, from anyone…

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Most of the acclaim surrounding Sam Mendes’s Oscar-Nominated Great War epic 1917 has been, deservedly, focused on the technical marvel of its filming. The film’s timeline unfolds across the span of a day, and is shown in two incredibly long and unbroken tracking shots.

It’s breathtaking cinematography from Roger Deakins, and it captures the horrors and realities of war in a way that perhaps no film ever has.

But just as impressive as the movie’s long-take structure is the portrayal of protagonist Lance Corporal Will Schofield, played by English actor George McKay. In a film with very little dialogue and…

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Kanye West’s artistic journey has been a fascinating ride. He’s arguably the most significant artist of the last 20 years — a cultural icon who has firmly established himself at the forefront of Western social discourse.

What do we make of Kanye’s journey? Is this latest turn a marketing scheme? Or is Kanye an exhausted, complicated, intimately self-aware soul authentically desperate to find a savior beyond himself and the world of celebrity he’s existed in over the last 20 years?

Kanye burst onto the scene in 2004 with his universally acclaimed debut album, The College Dropout, a work that diverged…

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Sunday night at Atlanta’s East Lake Country Club felt like a recoronation.

It wasn’t a major, no. We rarely remember who wins these Tour Championships unless we decide to remember them (see: last year’s Tiger Woods, versus 2014’s Billy Horschel). It’s viewed as gimmicky by many around the sport, a man-made creation intended to keep golf relevant deep into the calendar year, when college football is starting up and baseball’s pennant races near their climaxes.

But the final round of this year’s Tour Championship did feel like the perfect tableau. We had young studs like Xander Schauffele and Justin Thomas…

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Amidst the introspection, celebration and jubilation that followed Novak Djokovic’s Wimbledon title on Sunday, there was a moment, during the Serbian star’s post-match press conference, that was, in a strange way, darkly comedic.

“When the crowd is chanting ‘Roger!’, I hear ‘Novak!’” explained Djokovic, with a shrug. “I know. It sounds silly, but it is like that, I try to convince myself of that.”

The answer came with a knowing smirk from the champ, and laughter from the assembled press, but upon reflection, it was every bit as somber as it was droll. Here was a now 16-time grand slam…

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I’m not quite sure what I’m feeling right now, or what Raptors fans are supposed to be feeling right now. It was clear — probably since last July — that this would be a one-year romance between a country starved for basketball glory and a superstar starving for home. We hoped and prayed that we’d convince him otherwise, that with a solid core and a vibrant city and 34 million people worshipping him at his feet, he’d change his mind. But he was never going to do that. …

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We’ll certainly remember Game 1 of the NBA Finals for many things — the first Finals game played outside the United States; the first Finals game in the 24-year history of the Toronto Raptors; the first Finals game without LeBron James since 2010. But we’ll also remember it as the Pascal Siakam game, the ultimate coming-out party in a season full of coming-out moments.

The spindly, 6-foot-9, 230-pound construction of joints and kinetic energy that is Siakam — a product of Douala, Cameroon and a one-time wannabe Catholic clergyman — has become one of the NBA’s biggest surprises this season…

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In reality, Game of Thrones ended where it truly began: The mad monarch has been assassinated; the (queen)-slayer, who had vowed to defend that mad monarch with his life, takes on the iniquities of the polity as a holy, royal scapegoat , both prince and pariah at once; a pair of siblings, whose main claim to power is that they already have power, endeavor to rule a disjointed and unstable continent; dragons and magic fade into the background, important but not enough to truly change anything; a potential Targaryen heir to the throne has been dispatched to the celibate quasi-warrior-monks…

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